THAMES is built in a distributive Management system with a sole objective of working together productively towarda common goal. In THAMES every individual is responsible for anything and everything that can affect the qualityof life in the office. The work sprit with the presence of mind is the key formula of every staff members to bringTHAMES to this height. In fact, the fame and reputation THAMES has earned during this short span of time is theachievement of the ever mounting team –spirit of its management key players. The integrated   roles of all the staffmembers are composed of 4 C’s Skills: Coordination, Communication, Command, and Control.Staff members are highly motivated  to work in tandem toward the company’s overall success .All in THAMESManagement team earn each and everybody’s respect in a pinch to do the right thing for everybody, time after time.The day – to –day office operation of THAMES is consolidated primarily with the following functional skills of anyindividual working under the Distributive Management System.

  • 1:  A GOOD WORK ETICH: It is, with no question, important that any staff members in THAMES must show up on time and stay until the work is complete.
  • 2: LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: From managers to assistants’ level all the staff members in THAMES should lead their responsibilities and work with quality – be it a supervising or performing a task.
  • 3: TEAM PLAYING SKILLS: Everybody in THAMES should have the ability to share the information where relevant and help make improvements.
  • 4: GOOD ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: A staff member from his/her level must be able to find or access importantinformation tactfully to promote the services of THAMES Effectively, Economically, and Efficiently.
  • 5: VERBAL SKILLS: A staff member must speak well. In THAMES, English Language Fluency is an asset.
  • 6: GOOD WRITTREN SKILLS: The ability to use proper grammar, syntax and logic when writing is crucial.
  • 7:TOP-NOTCH COMPUTER SKILLS: To get the entire assigned tasks done easier and faster one with respect to his/her responsibility in THAMES must have good computer skills.
  • 8: EXCELLENT PHONE DEMEANOR: As communication is one of the skills in integrated roles of staff members in THAMES, one should always speak over the phone in clear polite and impressive language maintaining telephone etiquette. The distributive management system of THAMES has been divided into four major components of management in order to provide any clients with quality services. That is into:


Administrative Management is a department comprising of entire Management Heads with Chairman, Managing Director, Administrator, Manager, Administrative Officers and etc. This department normally deals with day to day operation of the organization and facilities all of the other departments in accordance with policies and plan stipulated by the directorates. Functionally, this department is on the top of the management and it Co-ordinates with other components of entire management in parallel. Academic wing inclusive of Test Preparation and Counseling are directly under the supervision of administrative management team.


This department comprises of Accountants,  finance officer, etc. The department mainly focuses on budgeting, controlling of cash, banking, and the like. This department also handles with all of the financial issues associated with other components of entire management.MARKETING MANAGEMENT This Department handles all the marketing activities of an organization like advertisement, promotion and co-ordination with the customer. This department comprises client service officer and marketing manager.


This department deals with planning, organizing, controlling, and managing the manpower within the organization.Human Resource Manager is responsible for selecting and recruiting of most qualified Candidates among the competent ones. This department also conducts in-house training for building up professionalism, team work spirit and work ethic in entire staff members time to time.

  1. Madhur Shrestha Chairman Administration
  2. Raj kishor Rauniyar Managing Director Administration
  3. Sangita Maharjan Admin .Officer/ Counselor Administration
  4. Sahansila Raut Office Assistant/Accountant Administration/Finance
  5. Keshab Maharjan Office Assistant Administration
  6. D.B.Raut Instructor Academic
  7. Keshu Rai Instructor Academic
  8. Dinesh Dangol Instructor Academic
  9. R.K.Rauniyar Instructor Academic
  10. Ramod Dhungana Auditor/Legal Advisor Account

THAMES is situated at the main center of the City that is at JAWALKHEL in two flats. The first flat is for the Reception, Computer Lab and M.D.’s Office and the Counseling Room for the Abroad Study. On the second floor, there are two Class Rooms and A Library equipped with all the modern amenities such as computers, a wide range of Test Preparation Book Collection with many reference books, and An Office Room of Chairman.In order to operate all the services provided by THAMES, it has inbuilt infrastructure and work force.

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