About Us

Thames Educational Consultancy is just not an online portal but also a career guidance consultancy to make your career and future brightful

Education is essential to human being. Educated people are well cultured, civilized and advanced. They are characterised and fashioned by good qualities. A qualified person can lead his life to a successful journey.

There are ample number of courses in the world to educate people. People choose the course and subjects according to their need and interest. Basically people go for the courses which will ultimately give them good social prestige, satisfaction and job-security for their future life.

Engineering course in Nepal and abroad has its own introduction. Industrialization, information-technology, well-planned city, construction of road, hydroelectricity, space exploration etc are some symbols of development of a country. For the development of a country human resources are mobilized. Engineers and oversears are supposed as the best technocrat and are the main sources of human resources. They are highly paid and demanded all over the world. We cannot imagine our life without these stuffs like electricity, vehicle, computer, etc. Everywhere we need helping agent to make our work and living style more efficient, easier and significant. All above mentioned things are possible by the tireless effort of engineers. Therefore engineers are highly respected in national and international levels.

Thames Educational Consultancy has been producing number of such students who will become future engineers for country and abroad over last 4 years. It is able to give adequate information regarding the course, institution and the procedure to get admission to the prestigious institution in Nepal and abroad

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