THAMES, with its friendly and valuable services, has achieved the significant amount of success in all of the services that it has provided with. In the year of 2006, with its inception, THAMES upgraded the services by providing aspirant clients with Standardized Test Preparation Classes on IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GRE, and GMAT. THAMES also started, at the same year, providing the INTERNAT facility in its Computer Lab Room to the students so that the students could learn more in depth by their own about their Test Preparation as well as University that they want to join in future.After getting the overwhelmed number of students, THAMES realized the space constraint and then thought of shifting its office from this place (LAGANKHEL to JAWALKHEL) to easily accessible place and at the most convenient place of the city that is to the Cross Road of JAWALKHEL, LALITPUR, NEPAL. THAMES then was shifted to this place and it started its function from 2 Flats, 6 Rooms. TEC started the audio/visual facilities with the idea of Computer

Adaptive Teaching and Learning. In the same Year, it really became crucial to start up Study Abroad Counseling Program as the students were ready to join the abroad universities with their scores of IELTS and TOEFL; therefore,

THAMES started ABROAD STUDY PROGRAM in this 2006.In the subsequent year that is in 2007 TEC made this year a Business Venture Year with other Business Partners Internationally. It was the year a number of Colleges and Universities from different parts of the world started partnering with us. In 2008, THAMES has projected around 500 students for Standardized Test Preparation Classes and among them 200 students for US Counseling, the next 200 students for AUSTRALIA Counseling and the rest 100 students for EUROPE counseling. This year is a Counseling Focused Year for THAMES.

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